Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ive updated my website, so take a look at
I was having a few problems with the last set up, but I will be able to update this one more effectively, take contact information from those who are interested in my work, and even make sales online.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Sustainable Environments



Sustainable Environments
Mushroom Works, Newcastle Upon Tyne

6th June - 11 July 2009

With World Environment day taking place on 5th June, Mushroom Works presents an exhibition which asks, should designers, makers and artists consider the environmental, sustainable and ethical concerns of modern day society within their work?

Good design, within and of our buildings and homes, is an important way forward in addressing the environmental challenges of today. Too much waste, not enough energy, too many people, not enough resources, complaints and worries we all hear.

I will be exhibiting 2 new abstract canvases for this latest exhibition, continuing on the 'Grid' series. These paintings are very much based on the urban environment whilst holding onto the roots of abstraction. The paintings for the exhibition will explore overcrowding within a cityscape, where too little personal space is being shared by too many people. The blocks forms in the paintings represent reduced human spaces overlapping one another.