Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sydney Harbour

I've been putting the finishing touches to a commissioned painting of Sydney Harbour.  Commissioned by someone who purchased the canvas of Tower Bridge, I painted for the Affordable Art Fair several years ago.  The scale of the London and Sydney paintings are very different, but I think they'll work very well together.
I've been painting a smaller version of the Sydney harbour Bridge for many years, the Tyne Bridge.  Very similar in structure, with slight variations in shape, as well as scale.  The city in the background differs greatly from that of Newcastle.
The painting is finished, apart from a need to varnish it, to give the canvas protection and to reinvigorate the colour and contrast of the acrylic paint.  But there seems to be a shortage of artists varnish, everywhere.  Hopefully one of my sources will track some down, before the commission is due to be picked up any day now.
Following a lot of interest in the painting, I've decided to do a print run of the Sydney Harbour painting.  I've gone for a Giclee print, image size 16 x 16''.  Printed on 300lb archival paper.