Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Objects - Crab Claws

Continuing the nautical theme, I've also been painting Crab Claws. The work stems from a series of portraits I did on Snail Shells called You Were Here. I was interested in how the shell represents home and protection, but also identity and a sense of self. The empty shell becomes a marker, a reminder of what was here and what's been left behind. Painting the surface of the shells emphasises the anatomy and structure of the crabs external skeletons, and redefines their purpose as objects for display. They also make for a very satisfying surface to paint on. That is after I've drilled holes in them, and left them outside for a few months, till nature hollows them out.

New Painting

I took a break from painting cityscapes, between working on commissions, and decided to paint some fish. Alot of fish. The novelty soon wore off after painting fish no.25, but stuck with it. It's hard to make out the image from this thumbnail, but the original has more clarity. We all Float Down Here is painted on a 31 x 31'' canvas, and available to buy for £1800. Prints are also available. For those wanting to know, there are: 2628 fish, 1 shark, 14 sea snakes, 1 eel, 6 jelly fish, 3 octopi, a message in a bottle, 1 car tyre, 1 life ring, 2 squid, 2 rays, 24 starfish, 1 fish skeleton, 2 seahorses, 1 fairground fish in a bag, 2 molluscs, 1 turtle and 1 human.

New Prints

I've been working on a new range of limited edition Giclee prints, which include: Towards The Tyne Bridge, We All Float Down Here, Langdale Pikes II and Last Light on Hills Over Windermere. Printed on Breathing Colour Elegance Velvet 300lb archival paper. Print run of 145, image size 16 x 16'', £265 framed. I painted Towards the Tyne Bridge in 2008 and sold it the same year at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair. It's one of my favourite paintings, and I've been kicking myself for not getting it printed. I recently got in contact with the owners, who kindly let me borrow their painting, to produce the limited edition prints. Thanks to the Hughes family for their help.
The originals of Langdale Pikes II and Last Light on Hills Over Windermere are available from the OCG Gallery in Ambleside. Hopefully I will have more prints over the coming year, including London, Edinburgh, York, Low Newton By the Sea, Alnmouth and New York. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Late Shows

The Late Shows, NewcastleGatesheads legendary free culture crawl, returns for its 6th year on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May 2012. This year I'll be based in my new studio at 36 Lime Street, whereas previous years I had a studio at The Mushroom Works. It's a great opportunity to see my new work space and discuss my work over a glass of wine. There are quite a few flights of stairs to get to my studio on the top floor, but I'll make it worth your while. Perhaps I should run a piggy back service. Collaboration is the theme at 36 Lime Street, as the resident artists invite you to step into their studios, and contribute to some communal work. As part of the event, I'll be working on a large canvas painting of Newcastle. And I'm inviting anyone to come along and help me paint the cityscape. To add there own mark of colour. Who knows, it may help me see Newcastle in a different light, using a different colour palette. Hope you can join me in a painting.

New Studio - 36 Lime Street

Following last years move to Wooler, then back to Newcastle, I'm moving studio once again. Staying in Newcastle, I'm relocating to 36 Lime Street in the heart of the Ouseburn. I've spent 8 good months at Kingsland Church Studios, but ready for a change, and to put some roots down in a new space. It's a great big studio that needs alot of work, from repairing the roof, removing a floor, and eventually putting in a mezzanine, but it's got great potential. I'll be moving in over the next couple of weeks, fixing the place up, and seeing how the studio inspires me to paint some exciting new work.