Friday, 5 October 2012

Ouseburn Open Studios

24th & 25th November. The last weekend in November see the creative venues of the Ouseburn open their doors to the public. The Ouseburn Open Studios offers a unique chance to come and glimpse behind the doors of some of the regions most creative artists. This will be my 7th year taking part in the Ouseburn Open Studios. previously I've been based at the Mushroom Works, but this will be my first from 36 Lime Street. 36 Lime Street is the oldest and largest studio group in the North East, housing over 40 artists, makers and designers. I look forward to being a part of this years event, and hope you can make it. It would be great if you can come down to my new studio, and see my recent paintings and prints. My work will also be featured in the Gallery, as part of the 'New Blood exhibition, which will showcase the new members to 36 Lime Street. I'll be taking part alongside Sarah Blood, Stevie Ronnie and Laura Johnston. Saturday & Sunday, 10 - 6pm. Free admission.

Studio @ 36 Lime Street

I moved my studio to 36 Lime Street five months ago, just in time for the Late Shows (the late night cultural event around Newcastle). The space needed a ton of work doing to it, and within the first month, I had already stripped it back. Stage 1 involved removing an unsafe mezzanine floor, fixing plasterboards to walls and ceiling, and replacing all the electrics. The studio's much more spacious now, since removing a whole floor and knocked four rooms into one, but it still doesn't function as well as it could. So in a couple of weeks, I'm commencing Stage 2, which involves constructing another smaller mezzanine. This change will bring order to the space, and help create a better working environment, aswell as give me plenty more room. There's also the addition of a pool table, which helps when I'm taking a break from painting. It should all be finished in time for this years Ouseburn Open Studios.

To Wooler and Back Again

An Exhibition of Landscapes and Cityscapes by Jim Edwards and Natalie Bell. Mushroom Works Gallery Exhibition from 20th - 28th October 2012. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 11 - 4pm. By appointment from Monday - Friday. Preview 19th October, 7 - 9pm. Last year, Jim and Natalie returned to Newcastle, after a year spent in Northumberland, which inspired a more rural direction in both their painting. Living on the edge of the Cheviots allowed them to immerse themselves in the landscape, to fully experience and explore the changing environment. "Through the changing seasons, it was the agricultural changes to the landscape that were the most dramatic, and seemed to make my surroundings come alive. I was inspired by the contrast between the flat angular farmlands and the gentle roll of the hills, yet they flowed seemlessly together." Natalie "Being accustomed to the complex structures of a cityscape, it took some time to interpret the open landscape. I became drawn to the man-made structures in the Northumberland landscape, of isolated farmhouses and the network of geometric walls stretched over hillsides." Jim Following their return, they have reconnected with the city, the experiences of last year have inspired them, and allowed them to appreciate both environments from a new perspective. This exhibition is a showcase of their new work, and a visual record of their experiences.

'Northern Artists' Exhibition

Balman gallery @ Discovery Museum.
Opening weekend Saturday 13th October, 10 - 5pm. Meet the Artist between 12 - 2pm. Sunday 14th October, 2 - 5pm. VIP preview 18th October, 6 - 8pm. Balman Gallery is pleased to be opening their new gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne, Balman Gallery @ Discovery Museum. The first exhibition , "Northern Artists" features some of the best artists from the North East including Jim Edwards, Mary Ann Rogers,Gavin Penn, Natalie Bell, Sue Moffit and Alistair Lovett. I'll be showcasing my recent paintings and will be discussing my work, during the opening weekends 'Meet the Artist' event. Hope to see you there.