Friday, 5 October 2012

Studio @ 36 Lime Street

I moved my studio to 36 Lime Street five months ago, just in time for the Late Shows (the late night cultural event around Newcastle). The space needed a ton of work doing to it, and within the first month, I had already stripped it back. Stage 1 involved removing an unsafe mezzanine floor, fixing plasterboards to walls and ceiling, and replacing all the electrics. The studio's much more spacious now, since removing a whole floor and knocked four rooms into one, but it still doesn't function as well as it could. So in a couple of weeks, I'm commencing Stage 2, which involves constructing another smaller mezzanine. This change will bring order to the space, and help create a better working environment, aswell as give me plenty more room. There's also the addition of a pool table, which helps when I'm taking a break from painting. It should all be finished in time for this years Ouseburn Open Studios.

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