Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Painting

I took a break from painting cityscapes, between working on commissions, and decided to paint some fish. Alot of fish. The novelty soon wore off after painting fish no.25, but stuck with it. It's hard to make out the image from this thumbnail, but the original has more clarity. We all Float Down Here is painted on a 31 x 31'' canvas, and available to buy for £1800. Prints are also available. For those wanting to know, there are: 2628 fish, 1 shark, 14 sea snakes, 1 eel, 6 jelly fish, 3 octopi, a message in a bottle, 1 car tyre, 1 life ring, 2 squid, 2 rays, 24 starfish, 1 fish skeleton, 2 seahorses, 1 fairground fish in a bag, 2 molluscs, 1 turtle and 1 human.

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