Tuesday, 23 November 2010

20 x 20's

As usual, I got carried away making 20x20's for this years Ouseburn Open Studios.  A yearly tradition at the Mushroom Works where the artists and designers create works of art, 20x20cm for the humble price of £20.   An absolute Christmas bargain!  It gives me the chance to clear out old work, by mostly chopping it up, whether a cityscape or an abstract painting.  There's quite a selection of themes this year, from fragmented cityscapes (which you might be able to piece back together if the other sections haven't sold):


... to several concrete pieces, based on my abstract "Grid" paintings:


Then there's the return of the skidding toy cars.  This started as a framed piece I made for my brother, as a birthday present, several years ago.  A nice reminder for him, of the times I used to paint his toy cars with emulsion paint.  I thought I was making them look better, I think I did:


I've also put some of  my paint encrusted aprons to good use.  Too heavy in paint to keep using/wearing, they've also been given the chop:

And finally, the framed prints of my thumbnail sketches, which are always a popular favourite.

I think I've got 129 20x20s on display for this years Open Studios.  Hopefully most will sell, fingers crossed.

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