Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Self portrait, snail shell

I used to have a neighbour who would paint numbers on the backs of snails, to catalogue them, and see if they would return. This did me no favours when they used to cross over to my garden and eat my sunflowers. Even more annoying when I used to find number 86, and wondered where the other 85 were! Anyhow, I was talking about this recently with someone close to me. And the conversation went on to my pet tortoise Colin. We were joking about what to paint on Colins shell, and we thought a self portrait would be funny. As that would be mean to Colin, a snail shell (empty, for now), was the next best thing. Quite tricky to paint though, as its a lot smaller in scale to what I'm used to. A fiddly self portrait.

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Bethan Laker said...

did it take a looooond time? ;-)