Sunday, 7 March 2010

Further Snail Portraits

I mean't to add another Blog post featuring a new selection of snail portraits, in the run up to the new Mushroom Works exhibition. But, as usual, I got slightly sidetracked. Been very busy with commissions that seem very difficult to complete.
The new exhibition at the Mushroom Works is called "Home Sweet Home". Thought it was a perfect opportunity to paint some more snails, using some fellow Mushroom Workers as models. Small, individual personal homes. The numbers on the shells, whilst relating to racing snails, represent the subjects house numbers. The snail shells are slightly larger than the first self portrait, but still small enough to be a challenge. The non flat, ridged surface caused me alot of problems, let alone trying to get the likeness of the subjects right. The Mushroom Workers who were kind enough to let me paint them on a snail were (pictured from L to R): Lara Robinson, (myself), Sarah Blood, Nick james, Bethan Laker and Michael Armstrong. Thanks to sarah Blood for the heads up in finding empty snail shells. The original Self Portrait I located, empty, in the garden. Maybe the next challenge would be to paint a shell that's in use.

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