Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Moved to Wooler

Had my fill of the city for a bit, so I've decided to move an hour north of Newcastle, to a little town called Wooler.  The kind of space I've been wanting for the past 10 years, back to the country.  It's taken a week to get settled, slowly trying to get back into painting.  Been working on a three new paintings for the Balman Gallery, based on this painting, 'Waters Edge I', I did last year for the Scapes exhibition.  
Been struggling with internet access since arriving.  BT wont fix the line till March 25th, idiots.  So was relying on  wifi in the local cafes, but there was only so much talk of the weather I could take, from all the old dears sipping tea.  Finally got a mobile dongle sorted, so I have brief internet access.  As long as I can respond to emails, get ontop of the blog, faff around on facebook, and listen to music on Spotify whilst I paint.  Heres the playlist I'm listening to today: 

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Penny said...

Hey!! I see you're all settled now :) have the girls changed day care centre too? I guess it's not exactly the same as changing schools, huh.

I'm glad things are looking good for you guys :) albeit internet connection being delayed... more time for painting and bonding??