Monday, 21 February 2011

Waters Edge IV

Been based at the Mushroom Works for almost 6 years, but in a weeks time I will have cleared out studio 9 for good.  It's been a great few years there, made some brilliant friends, and had a perfect space to paint in.  Will certainly miss the school bell rung every tea break.  My work certainly benefited from being based there, as well as the numerous solo and group exhibitions, Ouseburn Open Studios and the Late Shows.    

I'm finally getting back into painting, following my move to Wooler.  I finished 3 paintings for the Balman Gallery, a follow up to some work I produced for the 'Scapes' Exhibition.  Though a departure from the recognisable cityscapes, these new paintings still reference mans shaping of the landscape, in this case the rural environment.  these compositions of fields and farmhouses, inspired partly by my early abstract Grid paintings.

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