Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New prints

I have several new limited edition giclee prints to add to my portfolio. I've battled with the composition of 4 Newcastle Bridges for years, in sketch form. Always challenged to get the composition just right, to show the Swing Bridge without being hidden by the High level bridge (in the foreground) . I'm finally happy with the result. The original painting is now in Australia. My latest print, (being printed right now), is Summer Road to Bamburgh. I sold it at last years Ouseburn Open Studios, when I was exhibiting with Mushroom Works, but only recently got it back to get a good print of it. It's one of my favourite paintings, and much thanks to Steve and Shirley for letting me borrow it. Other recent prints include Ouseburn Dusk, Revisited and 2 Newcastle Bridges, where I wanted to return to some of my early, favourite views of Newcastle. The originals paintings can be found at the Balman @ Discovery Museum exhibition.

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