Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Grid in concrete

I'm mean't to be painting chubby bridges or something. Something constructive that I can sell. But at the minute, all I want to do is play with concrete. I'm having a Richard Drefuss moment (Close Encounter..), and I'm driven to do my abstract 'GRID' ideas in concrete. It's trying to tell me something, to go somewhere, and it's not Devils Tower! Maybe NY? I'm enjoying doing something sculptural, for a change, something that involves alot of process. I've been working on some other things, which I will put on the blog over the next few days (if they're any good).


Mick said...

I love this piece. I also like the idea that you're driven to pursue process-driven work without needing to understand why.

Jim Edwards said...

Many thanks. I'm glad I was happy with the result of this first concrete piece, otherwise I would have given up experimenting with this medium. All the failures came after!