Wednesday, 25 March 2009

More Concrete Grids

This is a practice piece for something I've got planned, which I'm hoping to try out soon.


Mick said...

As I mentioned with some of the other concrete pieces, I'm all a'twitter (not a tweeter) at what you'll be doing with these. There's something in all of them, this piece in particular, that strikes a deep chord.

Jim Edwards said...

Hello Mick,
this was an interesting piece that started off as something else (which didn't work), and I had to adapt it and transform it into something else. It's hard to get a sense of its 3 dimentional quality in this photo.
I'm still uncertain as to what to do with these concrete pieces. As a painter, I normally think in terms of hanging on a wall, but these are probably far too heavy for a wall to support. Maybe not. Their flat surface does lends itself to being hung on a wall. But could be displayed on a table surface. It is as interesting to view it from above, as it is from eye level. I will have to wait and see.