Monday, 16 March 2009

Half an Hour Wait


Mick said...

I've been back to see this piece at least a half-dozen times. I like it quite a bit.

Jim Edwards said...

This piece came about for several reasons.
I was asked to produce a work for an exhibition called Comfort Zone, and the brief was to produce a piece of work different from your usual practice. I thought I would try to return to figurative work. As the exhibition loomed, I was struggling to come up with any ideas, and was trying to find an excuse to psint something else.
During this time, I found myself collecting intereting pieces of cardboard I found on the road to my studio. I have a tendency to pick up rubbish off the road. I'm a sucker for washers (metal rings), which I've been hording for years, and I'm sure one day I will find a purpose for. Anyhow, whilst collecting cardboard, the curator of the Comfort Zone exhibition 'took the piss' out of my habit, claiming I wasn't right in the head, possibly autistic. So it was from that I decided to create something out of cardboard for her exhbition. And to keep in line with the Figurative aspect, I included 3 figures, made from the rubber of an inner tube (bicycle). This is the first of four.